Today is . In this post I talk about the reasons behind overshoot. I argue that it is overproduction, not overconsumption, that should get most of our attention.

@ttiurani Oh, yeah. I intended to toot something on Earth Overshoot Day. Then I forgot when that was!

Please dear followers: Consider volunteering for a local Repair Cafe. Or other local activity help curb overconsumption.

At the very least spread the message: From today on for 2022, we've globally used up the Earth's naturally-regenerating resources.

The three tactics are easy, simple distractions to make Europeans' lives easer. Unless Europeans pay reparations (which cop 26 showed clearly, they are not), the talk is just that.
To quote a young lady: "blah blah blah"

@citc I'm with you, and I failed in this text if that doesn't come across.

I tried to put first the argument for degrowth. Degrowth is explicitly always also decolonisation, and I fully support paying reparations. That is also what I fight for in Finland with XR. (This tactic is also not easy: everything in my culture stands in the way of questioning growth and taking global responsibility.)

But I'll try to see if I could get tweak the text to make this clearer!

@citc I hope this is clearer now in the text. Thank you for the feedback!

@ttiurani Overproduction can be seen directly with "overstock" products being dumped by retailers. I see this on a regular basis where I work, with brand-new products (still in original packaging) being sent either for recycling or to a landfill.

Not just expired foods (an important subset of overproduction) but all kinds of things that stores couldn't sell before they "expired" or just plain got in the way and had to be moved out to make way for new products (which also might not sell).

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