Reminder that it was British Petroleum that came up with the carbon footprint,and made everyone blame each other rather than fossil capitalism.

"This is one of the most successful, deceptive PR campaigns maybe ever"

...and it is definitely not insignificant to lower your own carbon footprint. That's exactly what makes this smokescreen so insidious.

But if you have a plant-based diet and don't fly, you might consider spending the rest of your energy to fight for a systemic change.

@ttiurani Great reminder. I'm currently reading Joel Bakan's The New Corporation: How 'Good' Corporations are Bad for Democracy, and it's very much in line with what he argues.

While on the whole we agree that #rhetoric is important, and can be misleading. We a sorry to annouce that a great many Australians are #environmentalVandals and opportunitistic theives who greedily steal from past and future generations, simulateously.

Having said that the majority are good, at least in 2007 when we voted for #KevinRudd. Alas he only lasted three years before the corporate #coup.

#corporateCoup #bitcoinFixesThis #saveSavers

@ttiurani Pfft, try the ring industry. Ir became a staple that people should give a ring to their significant others. It was a PR stunt made by a company. An ad campaign which worked soo well people to this day denote their love through rings to seal the deal.

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