Shit take but common. Elon only sees problems with burning fossil fuels, but misses how big a part plastic straws are for ocean waste.

It needs to hit home that we are in the middle of many crises at the same time: climate crisis AND ocean waste crisis AND biodiversity loss crisis. The root cause we need to fix and overthrow is colonial capitalism: rising CO² levels is just a symptom.

(Ofc Elon is also incapable of seeing fault in colonial capitalism given he benefits from it the most.)

@ttiurani It's fossil capitalism's frame that the climate would be saved, if it weren't for our small individual failings, like using plastic shopping bags.

I'm no admirer of St. Elon, but I agree that the big ticket items: transportation, construction, and heating, deserve more attention.


@michiel What I find bad is that Elon (in that now fortunately deleted tweet) makes fun of one very good small win on both personal and system level (EU ban is great), which his supporters will then use to remain passive, and just wait for Elon to solve the problems.

Also bad is the implicit system change vs individual change false dichotomy: to enact change at a level we need we always need both and they're interconnected.

@ttiurani There's a lot wrong about him, yes. His main virtue is that he helped depoliticize climate change.
Pro-capitalist men with a love for fast cars, who would typically be opposed to environmentalism, now have a hero who seems to have escaped from an Ayn Rand novel. And they're giddy about the prospect of charging their own cars using solar panels.

I think we need someone like this for the builders. And the Globe trotters, the farmers, and the SUV moms. (1/2)

@ttiurani people need to be allowed and helped to project their dreams and desires onto a carbon neutral future, or they will fight it. (2/2)

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