Looking at snagging a spare phone for tinkering and testing mobile operating systems (Lineage, Havoc, etc). If/when I settle on something that I like, I'll likely snag a better or newer device. The OnePlus 3 and 3T appear to be widely compatible with these 3rd party ROMs. They're also have pretty decent hardware specs. Does anyone have experience with either or have feedback (good, bad, or otherwise) as to why I should/should not pick one up for testing?


@cooper I've had oneplus 3T for 4.5y as my only phone, and I use this a lot. I've had zero problems with anything else than the original battery getting old, so had it changed a year ago. No issues now, and hope to keep using this for at least a couple more years.

Haven't rooted yet, because of company mgmt crap, but will in a month or so.

@ttiurani @cooper you may be able to use those company apps with root using Magisk hide.
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