This is a very important article by prominent climate scientists how hypothetitical carbon capture methods have been baked into climate models for decades, and how it has lead to a "burn now, pay later" mentality.

We can not continue risking our future on wildly unrealistic carbon take back methods, that could only work at the expense of catastrophic biodiversity loss. We need in the western countries now, and a stop to overconsumption.

About the latest variation of carbon capture Bioenergy Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) Jason Hickel has calculated: "In order for BECCS to remove as much carbon as the IPCC scenarios assume, we will need to create biofuel plantations covering an area two to three times the size of India, gobbling up about two-thirds of the planet's arable land."

@ttiurani wouldn't it be easier to stop growth in undeveloped countries? Degrowth is fine, but if you shrink in one place and grow in another you don't get anywhere.

@rsheftel it doesn't quite work like that. The poorest countries need some economic growth to meet basic human needs, doughnut economics explains this well:

Also the responsibility for our climate disaster is so overwhelmingly on the western countries, we have no moral grounds to deny modest (non-fossil based) growth in the global south.

@ttiurani OK, then what is the mechanism to know when we have hit equilibrium. If the goal is to make western countries poorer/lower living standard while at the same time non-Western countries to become less poor and have better living standards, what is the mechanism to say "we are done". What if the non-western countries don't want to stop when they get to equal, what if they want to keep increasing their people's quality of life? Doesn't this all depend on hoping they are altruistic?

@rsheftel Making it into 22th centure with our planet in a barely livable condition needs massive changes. Right now we know per person the global north is responsible for orders of magnitude more ecological stress than in the global south.

Is it possible that the global south will grow beyond what is sustainable say in 50 years? Yes. But that does not mean the global north doesn't need to stop all the excessive overconsumption right now.

@rsheftel Wrt the "we are done" criteria, doughnut economics is all about finding those limits. They are doing good work on creating the limits for growth so that countries stay in the doughnut.

@ttiurani this reminds me of time travel slapstick movies like Bill and Ted, where they say they'll go back in time to do X after they're done here, so that magically, now they have X

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