p.s. The only reason I have a Macbook to begin with is to be able to make iOS/OSX builds to App Stores. I would switch to a full (arch) linux setup immediately if there was a reasonable way to run XCode on it.

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Caught myself yesterday craving for the upcoming Apple Silicon Macbook Pro's. Luckily snapped out of it fast. The power of advertising is so strong when even while I am trying hard to downsize everything in my life, these ecologically destructive thoughts still come from somewhere.

Your [current gadget] is fine.

Hi everyone! I'm brand new to the fediverse, but really happy I finally got around to joining.

I'll describe myself as a husband & father first, but after that as a geek w/ 20y of software development behind me and at least 20 more in ahead. I live in snowy Helsinki.

I'm of course interested in FOSS, but also , , , but most importantly endlessly curious about the world and people in general. :)


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