"Degrowth is, in other words, a demand for decolonization. Southern countries should be free to organize their resources and labor around meeting human needs rather than around servicing Northern growth. [...] [G]rowth in high-income nations is not required in order to achieve a flourishing society. What is required is justice."

Excellent and short article by Jason Hickel about how and are closely interlinked.


About the latest variation of carbon capture Bioenergy Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) Jason Hickel has calculated: "In order for BECCS to remove as much carbon as the IPCC scenarios assume, we will need to create biofuel plantations covering an area two to three times the size of India, gobbling up about two-thirds of the planet's arable land."

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This is a very important article by prominent climate scientists how hypothetitical carbon capture methods have been baked into climate models for decades, and how it has lead to a "burn now, pay later" mentality.

We can not continue risking our future on wildly unrealistic carbon take back methods, that could only work at the expense of catastrophic biodiversity loss. We need in the western countries now, and a stop to overconsumption.


"Failure to achieve sufficient absolute decoupling implies that de-growth remains the only sustainable strategy for planetary survival. [...] The mere placing of a new ‘green’ lens on the existing orthodox growth model will not suffice: paradigm shift, not reform, is urgently required."– President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins

This is very inspiring, and probably the first Western head of state ever to speak against infinite economic growth!


"If it has music in it, it has value. I don't think songs try to be films, I think films try to be songs." – Tom Waits

Excellent bisection of Gates' woefully inadequate and overly optimistic plans.

"It’s time we ask for leadership from countries that have managed to improve social welfare whilst limiting their environmental damage."


"Existing climate scenarios assume that the global North should continue to consume vastly more energy and resources per capita than the global South, for the rest of the century." - Jason Hickel

History will show that perpetuating this massive global inequality we western people are all a part of, will be met by future generations with as much disdain as slave trade. We need to face up to our actions: rapid in the rich countries is an ethical necessity.

"Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable." (originally by Finley Patrick Dunne about the role of newspapers)

Just heard this known quote (for example Banksy has referred to it), and I think it is really powerful. If one accepts this as true, then this is how art is fundamentally different from entertainment. Entertainment is all about comforting the comfortable and in many ways, at least over a long period time, disturbs the disturbed.

Academics are people too, but to me Roser's continued misdirection (the point of the argument isn't changed with new data, or more careful wording of what the post 1981 dataset contains), is not intellectually honest.

The reason I bring this up, is that it's interesting how at odds Roser's lifelong research into ending poverty can be to Hickel's research into ending colonialisation and saving the environment. Demands for degrowth in the abundant North seem to be impossibly hard to even examine.

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I've been following this academic Twitter discussion started by Jason Hickle criticising the justification to use of GDP estimates as a proxy for poverty in a famous graph:


The responses by Max Roser, who maintains the graph via Our World in Data, seem to me to be very uncivil and juvenile. Hickel did made some mistakes in some of the wording his blog post, which Roser correctly pointed out and Hickel fixed, but the main criticism in the blog post is still unanswered.

If you missed our Small is Beautiful live stream with David Heinemeier Hansson today, the recording is now available to watch at small-tech.org/small-is-beauti

#SmallIsBeautiful #SmallTech

Has anyone else noticed there have been a lot of (western) movies lately that are about the loss of a child? It really seems to be the go-to trauma for writers.

The movies have been good but as a parent myself, it's beginning to be enough with this already.

An excellent panel with also (relatively) simple introduction to the topic:


P.s. Sorry for the link, this maybe isn't anywhere else.

What an interesting story of what can happen when you have libertarians running a company. This is not verifiable as true, but given how logical of a conclusion an internal market is, I would guess this has to be real.

Friends don't let friends actually believe in the almighty power of the marketplace. :D


Google is cutting off access to the Sync and "other Google Exclusive" APIs from all builds except Google Chrome – its browser w/ 75% market share. Betting on Chromium and relying on the good will of was never a good idea.

Use and make sure switch to . (Sure mozilla gets its money from Google top, but it's IMO the only viable alternative atm.)


p.s. The only reason I have a Macbook to begin with is to be able to make iOS/OSX builds to App Stores. I would switch to a full (arch) linux setup immediately if there was a reasonable way to run XCode on it.

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Caught myself yesterday craving for the upcoming Apple Silicon Macbook Pro's. Luckily snapped out of it fast. The power of advertising is so strong when even while I am trying hard to downsize everything in my life, these ecologically destructive thoughts still come from somewhere.

Your [current gadget] is fine.

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