9pm on a work night is *not* a good time to mess up the network config on your headless NAS

Having pulled the drives, discovered that my caddy didn't want to read them reliably and put everything back - it rebooted cleanly and reappeared on the network

@tswsl If you can safely power it down:

• Turn it off.
• Remove the drive.
• Mount it.
• Rename the config file to "config.broken" or something.
• Copy the working one from the backup.
• Unmount.
• Put the drive back.
• Turn it back on.

Trying to fix it “properly” might take 5 minutes, or might take 5 hours; this will take probably 15 or 20 minutes (perhaps half an hour) and is relatively hard to mess up. (Unless you need to take it apart to get to the storage.)

@wizzwizz4 This was pretty much my plan. My (cheap) external caddy seems to have issues with the drives though, which is unhelpful.

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