KDE: On the reappointment of Richard Stallman as a director of the Free Software Foundation (FSF)

@tsdgeos @kde KDE would be wise to worry about software and not about politics.

@tsdgeos That's surprisingly level-headed (not so much for KDE, but because of the hubbub this episode generates everywhere).


> Safe participation and representation are necessary ingredients, along with inclusivity. Richard Stallman’s conduct and the actions of the FSF board of directors have been harmful to all of them.

I think that the lynching against him, the falsehoods, the decontextualizations of his sentences, the insults¹, are much more worrying and damage inclusivity much more.

1: GNOME and Mozilla and others even signed a letter calling RMS "misogynistic, ableist and transphobic".

@alexl @tsdgeos they forgot pedophile apologist in that list (see his defense of Marvin Minsky).

@jmcs @tsdgeos

That is fake news:

In short, he just said the term "assault" on *Minsky* was misleading because we don't know if the girl *presented herself* to Minsky as consentient, clearly forced by *Epstein*.


@jmcs @tsdgeos

Stallman later clarified:

"Nothing could be further from the truth. I've called [Jeffrey Epstein] a 'serial rapist,' and said he deserved to be imprisoned. But many people now believe I defended him—and other inaccurate claims—and feel a real hurt because of what they believe I said. I'm sorry for that hurt. I wish I could have prevented the misunderstanding."


@alexl @tsdgeos Context matters. He was downplaying a rape (and yes is was rape because the victim couldn't and didn't consent). And it was not an isolated incident either, has a list of other times he promoted pedophilia.


No, he was defending his friend (Minsky) from defamation resulting from a misleading term ("assault"). YOU mentioned the Minsky case and I replied. Be reasonable and admit you were wrong instead of coming up with a rhetorical answer. I though you fell for a fake news and I wanted to help you. This doesn't seem the case, bye!

@alexl Ok, you're right his friend is just a rapist, and he likes his friend, who is a rapist. He also thinks or at least thought it's ok to rape teenagers in general. Maybe Aimee Knight can also join the FSF board now that she's out of a job.

@tsdgeos it seems that KDE has no autonomy of its own. I much preferred it when you stuck your nose outside of media politics.

a) Why is it any of the #KDE foundation's business what other organisations get up to?

b) Are you promoting “inclusiveness” only as long as it's within a monoculture of arrogant middle class white kids with too much time and too little experience in their hands?


I'm all for people having political views and expressing them, but not by subverting whichever association they have control or influence over. #KDE is a software project. Join a political party / armed group if you feel the need to express yourself on a wider range of subjects.

@tsdgeos I really wish that the stupid-outrage people in organizations like yours f!cked off instead.

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