The end of the competition is coming! Less than 48 hours before judges pick the entry that will become Plasma 5.16's wallpaper. Who will win a cool @slimbook One compact computer (

Tell us which entry you prefer below!

aaaaaaaaand i've found a crasher in bzip2 that is basically unmaintained. :( What do i do?

We've updated our expenses/income page As you can see we're transparent and careful with money, but it's always good having more sponsorships to be able to do more events, if you want to help have a look at

#Akademy2019 is warming up. You can now submit a talk and get to share your ideas with the KDE community in beautiful Milan.

The @gnome and KDE communities are looking for locations for the Linux App Summit (LAS) 2019, an event that wants to help the Linux application ecosystem flourish.

users make sure you rm /var/lib/systemd/timesync after the latest systemd update.

Join @3rik and Alexander Sander from @fsfe next Monday at 7pm to discuss Free Software policies. The session will be moderated by Monica Bernardi from More info at

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