We've updated our expenses/income page bcnfs.org/budget/ As you can see we're transparent and careful with money, but it's always good having more sponsorships to be able to do more events, if you want to help have a look at bcnfs.org/sponsoring/

#Akademy2019 is warming up. You can now submit a talk and get to share your ideas with the KDE community in beautiful Milan. akademy.kde.org/2019/cfp

The @gnome and KDE communities are looking for locations for the Linux App Summit (LAS) 2019, an event that wants to help the Linux application ecosystem flourish.


users make sure you rm /var/lib/systemd/timesync after the latest systemd update. bugs.archlinux.org/task/62161

Join @3rik and Alexander Sander from @fsfe next Monday at 7pm to discuss Free Software policies. The session will be moderated by Monica Bernardi from Dimmons.net. More info at meetup.com/Barcelona-Free-Soft

Si t'avorreixes dissabte i ets a Barcelona, vine al Dia de la Llibertat del Maquinari a l'Escola del Clot i t'explicaré què és el maquinari lliure i a les xerrades t'explicaran projectes ben interessants. dlm.caliu.cat

Hey folks, our team is still hiring one more passionate #FreeSoftware developer that wants to help us make life better for people in the developing world.

Work remotely, or from our HQ in Washington DC.

Get in touch with me if you're interested, or apply directly:


#OpenSource #FLOSS #FOSS #jobs

It seems 6 will bring a much nicer UI. Anyone know when it's supposed to be released? I tried looking for a release schedule but failed :/

Falkon, KDE's modern web browser, has reached version 3.1! You can now write and run plugins in QML, enjoy better and more stable support for Python plugins and improved integration with KDE's Plasma desktop.


Poppler 0.75 is out. Includes a new utility pdfattach. That adds embedded files to existing files.

Join us the next 28th March at Escola del Treball and learn how Jorge and the team came up with flathub.org and
how to use it to get your applications to reach Linux users. meetup.com/Barcelona-Free-Soft

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