The #Akademy2022 Call for Participation is open!

This is your chance to present your work and ideas to the #KDE community.

Find more information and submit your talk at

First Barcelona Free Software in person event since 2020! Come and join us for a round of Lightining Talks next Tuesday 10 of May at 19:45 at PAU Barcelona. More info

KDE has made it into Google Summer of Code 2022!

Check out the ideas proposed for Krita, NeoChat, Plasma, Plasma Mobile, KStars, Okular, and much, much more here:

#GSoC #GSoC2022

KDE's 25th Anniversary site is LIVE! It contains all the information for activities, interesting facts, advice on how to contribute, merch, and much more!

Check back often! We are adding stuff all the time. #KDE25years

KDE’s 25th Anniversary Merchandise is here! Order it now from and celebrate the anniversary with the Community.


Getting back together in person for #Akademy2022 will be amazing. You can help it happen! Submit your city 🏙️ as a candidate for KDE's yearly event and be part of the exciting moment!

Today we celebrated the Software Freedom Day in Barcelona! Thanks Caliu for organizing!

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