NeoChat 1.0.1 is out, fixing multiple bugs. Most importantly you can now log in even if your home server doesn't implement the well-known spec and user avatars in the room list appear correctly now.

Congrats to the djvulibre devels, that released 3.5.28 last month, 5 years after the release of 3.5.27. If possible, i'd suggest a bit higher cadence :)

Big kudos to and specially arojas for having already packaged in the main repos :)

KDE and @PINE64 Introduce the PinePhone - KDE Community edition.

Experience the future of KDE's open mobile platform here:

KDE Project Security Advisory: KDE Partition Manager: kpmcore_externalcommand helper can be exploited in local privilege escalation CVE-2020-27187

Encara tenim una hora pendent d'assignar per fer xerrades a la propera festa ubuntaire del 14 de novembre.
Algú s'hi anima?


Does anyone have a PDF file that uses Adobe-KR-9 at at hand?

Linux App Summit call for papers ends in 3 days (September 15). Make sure to submit your interesting talks!

Contributing to Free Software is a constant fight of me wanting to quit to get away from assholes and me not wanting to quit so that those assholes don't win.

Next level entitlement: "I want to integrate your library in my app, found its license is GPL2.0:
will you change the license from GPL2.0 to LGPL 2.0?"

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