I'm really getting tired of all those "security researchers" that tell us "there's a security vulnerability on your website, i can see the git history!"

Yes, you can, it's a Free Software project, and no, that's not a security vulnerability, go back to your cave and be useful.

KAlgebra is an algebraic graphing calculator 🖩 from #KDE that supports 3D graphing and MathML markup language for #Linux.

snap install kalgebra


Puedes disfrutar de nuestro último podcast: Cosas que hacer con KDE encerrado en casa

En plataformas como YouTube:


y otras plataformas de podcasting...

Anyone knows how to make realize that there's no human to answer the question in which area my CI server lives? It'd be cool not to get it stuck when trying to compile Okular invent.kde.org/davidhurka/okul

Welcome @PINE64 as our newest Patron!

You can learn more about this Open, Friendly and Community Driven hardware project at pine64.org/

Albert #Uderzo left us today... "Astérix" was certainly the first comic I read and his generous curved drawing style had a big impact on my way to draw. Rest in peace.

KDE-España lamenta informar que, debido a la crisis del COVID 19, Akademy-es se pospone indefinidamente. Aunque esperábamos compartir unas agradables jornadas con nuestra comunidad, la salud de los participantes es lo primero. Lamentamos las molestias.


Remember how Trump ordered the National Security Council's entire global health security unit (including a renowned pandemics expert team) to be shut down in May 2018?

Trump: "I'm a business person, I don't like having thousands of people around when you don't need them. When we need them, we can get them back very quickly."

Well, as it turns out, the administration cannot actually reassemble such a team "very quickly".


I might be looking for freelance work in software development starting immediately (remote, of course).

Still in discussion with my employer (regular form of employment, the freelance work is a side track with only occasional projects) about working from home due to , but if they remain stubborn I might be on unpaid leave starting Monday and I can't really afford that right now.

:kde: 📢 Desde KDE España tenemos un anuncio oficial que hacer:

Ante la situación generada por la pandemia del COVID-19, las recomendaciones de las autoridades sanitarias y la responsabilidad como organización, tenemos que comunicar que la edición del Opensouthcode 2020 así como Akademy-es que se iban a realizar de 24 al 26 de abril en el Polo Digital de Málaga quedan aplazada indefinidamente.


Sentimos los inconvenientes que pueda causar y pedimos vuestra comprensión.

Meet us tomorrow to discuss @nextcloud with @Karlitschek their CEO and founder. Learn all about the self-hosted productivity platform that keeps you in control! meetu.ps/e/HN08q/mXgxF/d

We're in! Google Summer of Code student applications open 16 March 2020. Want to work on a KDE project? Read the guidelines and get in touch! community.kde.org/GSoC


En difficulté financière,
@LaQuadrature du Net relance une campagne de dons.
La campagne avait bien commencé, mais ces bons débuts sont encore largement insuffisants pour permettre à la structure de poursuivre ses combats.
Voir l'article de CLUBIC à clubic.com/pro/technologie-et-
Soutenir LA QUADRATURE DU NET à soutien.laquadrature.net/
#libertés #droits #donnéespersonnelles

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