Linux App Summit call for papers ends in 3 days (September 15). Make sure to submit your interesting talks!

Contributing to Free Software is a constant fight of me wanting to quit to get away from assholes and me not wanting to quit so that those assholes don't win.

Next level entitlement: "I want to integrate your library in my app, found its license is GPL2.0:
will you change the license from GPL2.0 to LGPL 2.0?"

The corporate overlords at Google are flexing their dystopian powers and removing all Danish music from YouTube, because the corporation refuses to come to a fair agreement on paying Nordic songwriters

Its conditions are: accept our pennies or be censored

KDE Project Security Advisory: Ark: maliciously crafted archive can install files outside the extraction directory.

Je cherche des programmeurs·ses qui seraient motivé·es pour donner un cours de #Rust en deuxième année de licence informatique à l'Université Paris 8 à partir de la rentrée.

Je rajoute des détails ci-dessous.

Merci de faire tourner l'info !

Remember to cleanup your svn checkouts regularly

tsdgeos@xps:~/devel/kde/svn_root:$ du -hs .
30G .
tsdgeos@xps:~/devel/kde/svn_root:$ svn cleanup
tsdgeos@xps:~/devel/kde/svn_root:$ du -hs .
18G .

This week Adriaan de Groot's talk on The KDE Free Qt Foundation is available on YouTube. Check it out here

#qt #kde #freesoftware #fossnorth

openSUSE Leap 15.2 was released today, and includes a that is almost a year old and 10 releases behind 😭

clang-format breaks code and makes it uncompilable :/

Tried reporting a bug but i forgot my password for the llvm bugzilla and their bugzilla installation is very broken :(

Interesante artículo:
Qué es | Open source: introducción al mundo de la colaboración

Donde podremos encontrar al gran @AleixPol junto con otros desarrolladores de software libre

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