Poppler certificate reading code has been merged for the 0.73 release. Okular code "coming soon".

The KDE community wishes you all a very Konqi New Year!

Did a few version updates for applications packages, we totally need to automate that.

.@kdeespana will be streaming a live show about KDE and artistic software tonight at 22:30. Spanish-speakers, don't miss the discussion about @krita, digiKam (version 6.0 coming out on Sunday) and more.


Yesterday i added version reporting API to -qt5 and then used it in to show it in the about dialog. Knowing which poppler version you're using, and which version okular was built against if different, should help a bit with triaging some bugs.

@fsf tried following you and i can't. Any ideas why?

A guy in a red suit with a beautiful beard just came by my home and dropped this nice t-shirts from freewear :) @kde

Hello World! @kde and poppler developer here! Let's see how this thing works :)


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