Join us the next 28th March at Escola del Treball and learn how Jorge and the team came up with and
how to use it to get your applications to reach Linux users.

Plasma developers never rest: Plasma 5.15.3 released with bug fixes and feature refinements to give you a better desktop experience.

Today's bugfix update to KDE Applications fixes .tar.zstd files in Ark, crashes in Dolphin and Filelight and over a dozen fixes to Umbrello UML Modeller.

University student? Want to spend your summer hacking on Krita? Or do you know someone who does?

Last week we celebrated the "I ♥️ Free Software Day". A campaign by @fsfe to thank Free Software contributors for their important work. We want to thank ikoula, @opensuse @kde and opentrends for making the event possible!

Obrirem el congrés amb la presentació de les 46 mesures. Gràcies a la feinada feta per @BCNFreeSoftware @partit_pirata @pangea_org @softcatala i el suport de moltes altres com @donestech

@EikeHein is the treasurer of KDE e.V. and long-time Plasma and Konversation developer. So he's actually more knowledgeable on the tech side of KDE than I am.

Time for a second call to translation! 💬

If you have some time this weekend and know one of the following languages, please consider translating a few sentences of #PeerTube ! :peertube:

- #arabic: 33% translated
- #russian: 42% translated
- #japanese: 28% translated
- #polish: 54% translated
- #portuguese: 0% translated
- #danish: 0% translated
- #tamil: 3% translated
- #esperanto: 61% translated
- #persian: 12% translated

If you have never joined the effort, here is how to get started:

boosts appreciated :blobcat:

Do you want to start developing video games using free tools? @reduz developer of the Free engine @godotengine explains how to make a 3D shooter. This Thursday in Barcelona.

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