Finally getting around to learning some python 🐍

Finally got the proper power supply thing for the raspi so it no longer is mad about low power
Pi-Hole is happy now


I survived (face tat filter because I’m hooked on them)

I never thought I’d say this but I’m enjoying plasma quite a bit

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I did my first 100+ motorcycle ride last weekend, which was super nice, but this coming weekend might be cold and rainy. Hopefully it’s not too bad

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@tsalvgi @starbreaker @jrballesteros05 now THAT is showing off. 👏

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🥇 Arch :arch:
🥈 Linux Mint :linuxmint:
🥉 Manjaro :manjaro:

Enjoying outdoor cooking, delicious wine, and the sweet smokey smell of hickory 🤤

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I'm sure plenty of people would have know how to correct this pretty quickly (and now I might be one of them!) but I was used to GNOME just knowing and adjusting appropriately. I fiddled with searching for HiDPI issues and fixes, messed with xrandr (which I discovered only deals with zooming out) and finally, Xft.dpi to fix the problem. A couple other tweaks got Polybar at the right size and here I am, a proud user of all these different little things :P

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At this point I felt pretty accomplished but that feeling was momentary because I was confronted with a problem that I had forgotten about (and the reason I use GNOME) and that issue being the HiDPI quality of the Macbook screen. After I got BSPWM up and running along with some other bits I was greeted with ant-sized text ^_^;

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The broadcom wireless driver for this model has to be broadcom-wl{-dkms} which doesn't seem to ever be included with any distro (with the surprising, and fortunate exception being the archboot iso).
I got to learn quite intimately how to control the wireless card from a command line, which cli tools worked best (for me) and removing, adding, and rebuilding kernel modules (bcma wanted to load for the card but obviously wasn't correct).

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I ran into some issues (quite a few in the beginning) that I am not used to. I wouldn't say I'm new to the Linux world of things (been lightly using it for at least ten years) but I wouldn't call myself too advanced since generally speaking I don't poke around too much with advanced stuff.
The issue is that this laptop is a Late 2013 Macbook Pro, and if you're familiar with them at all you would understand maybe ^_^;

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I got a fresh install of Arch and BSPWM + Polybar + Picom running like a charm (now to customize it a bit :P)
I use my laptop as like, a testing ground sort of thing in that it rarely has important stuff on it. Which makes starting from scratch pretty easy.

Now I need to make my terminal look all fancy and ridiculous. Any suggestions?

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