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Requesting users to vote. Boosts appreciated.

What do you reckon is a realistic timeline for the phone to be "mainstream ready"?

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And for my next trick, I’ll have zero balance on my credit cards

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I apologize in advance:

My dog just bit me. 8 times. So, he byte me.

I've mostly done nothing of value so far today. Time to think super duper hard and put good energy into the world

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So, just heard the news that users of Minecraft Java Edition will have to sign up for a Microsoft account or lose access to the game.

If you want a FOSS alternative, try checking out @Minetest

You can download it for Linux, Mac, Windows, Android and BSD from minetest.net

You might also want to look at the world-building @illunaminetest and the video-creating @MinetestVideos

For discussing this news, see the thread here:

#Minecraft #MineTest #Microsoft

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Just finished watching 'The Social Dilemma' on Netflix.

I haven't used Facebook for over a decade, but so pleased I've given up my Twitter addiction and moved the the Fediverse.

Going to get our 13 year-old to watch it this weekend!


I suppose it's time to go through all my passwords and change them

One of the things I use allows 64 characters for a password, which was very fun to create

I wish everything I use would allow that many

It’s a Thai food kind of night 🙌🏼

semi-vague firearms reference 

Doubled the rounds and only one stovepipe, long but fun qual day

Work is usually fun, but obviously being paid to train like this seems like being paid to go to a theme park

Voy a relajarme :ac_bashful:

I need something to do today that is fairly easy to accomplish, because everything else so far has failed

Time for my lifelong experience of setting the bar low to really shine

alcohol reference 

I had a Guiness for the first time yesterday. It was good, despite not being a fresh-from-the-tower pour

I want a Mavic Mini but for cash money reasons I’ll have to resort to tying my phone to a plastic and tossing it off buildings

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