is like if they passed a law was that said no more javascript or tracking.
(this would Never happen)
but for gemini it already has.

i like the tusky app for android.
What would be the best or most similar mastodon app for ios?

Gentoo is not for distro-hoppers.
Gentoo is for distro homebodys

i also have a cloned and customized ignore list. [also not public]
not advised without awareness of the problematic users.
it is available if anyone is interested.
it saves some time.

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potentially has some of the best privacy support on the web. if anyone wants to team up to make it work..lemme know.
some of the current users are toxic and that prevents me from hosting anything to the unconditional public. fuck the public. fml. lol.

maybe russia supports bernie sanders but it's not automatically "one side win, other side loses".
some people have that mentality but not everyone.
its a fair point though.
it's good to examine the reasons and decide if strong foreign policy is really a top priority. maybe yes.. or idk.. maybe no.

captcha failed.
please try again by unblocking our googleadservices

i'll bet gentoo would be even faster if my comp wasnt seven generations outdated.
still runs as fast as anyone would ask for.

if there was an alliance against the practice of charging rent..
if they were able to make significant achievements..
throwing them $100 would be a drop in the bucket compared to paying unchecked rent for the rest of your life

whats a good website for healthy or vegan recipes?

open database of collections of user contributed audio recordings of human voices speaking phrases to be used in place of synthesized speech.

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