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the key covid vaccine messaging that is missing - the one fact that would have gotten me vax'd in time - is how STUPID you get after pneumonia.

i spent 16 hours trying to figure out why my service mesh wasn't routing my vlans properly before checking to make sure i had actually set up vlans on my switch.

i am a f'n retard now and i would have gotten any shot in the world to save my brain.

ansible is the honey boo boo of deployment platforms.

how stupid is it to buy something like this if all i'm gonna be doing is basically writing code and reading fosstodon

shoulda just let my hair finish dreading up, because i just lost a guinea pig's worth detangling it after two weeks.

like i understand people just saying "no thanks" to $10/hr, but if somebody wants to pay you $80/hr to dig a ditch, you should probably just go get the shovel and shut up.

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I don't know what is going on in this world. I spent the last week trying to drop a bag of gold on four people to have the yard and house clean when I got out of the hospital and had zero takers.

A few days ago COVID took a bad turn, and I'm hospitalized since Tuesday (I think) with poor recovery progress so far. Have managed to root my medical bed.

it was a serious oversight to run my consciousness on bare metal instead of a vm layer.

i'm upright for the first time since saturday; the worst of the COVID seems to be over.

Everybody says covid will be the worst flu of your life, but i've had one worse, about 15 years ago, I think. This one is pretty fuckin' bad.

honestly this feels like infinite storage, and then it starts running out

"how do i see what ports are open?"

"you type 'netstat' then kinda roll your face on the keyboard"

well, except for a syntax error the documentation got wrong, it compiled the first time. also, i'm firewalled out of my dev box.

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i just wrote yaml files for 20 hours straight in a console without a linter, highlighter, or syntax checker, and now i'm so tired i'm having hallucinations about "what if it actually compiles the first time"

it feels kinda perversely good when you specify a cabinet of servers, the client buys and installs it, then their dev team lead says "we can fit one more server in this"

and when they try, four servers immediately go down due to the extra resource competition.

what possible non-devious reason could there be for a play store app to serve up emulated 3.10 linux kernels so that you can "use linux on your android phone"

my slapdash array of env vars/secrets files/passwords in a document called "/passwords" is causing me to lose/expose credentials way too often for comfort.

anybody used HashiCorp Vault? is it everything it promises to be?

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