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it feels kinda perversely good when you specify a cabinet of servers, the client buys and installs it, then their dev team lead says "we can fit one more server in this"

and when they try, four servers immediately go down due to the extra resource competition.

what possible non-devious reason could there be for a play store app to serve up emulated 3.10 linux kernels so that you can "use linux on your android phone"

my slapdash array of env vars/secrets files/passwords in a document called "/passwords" is causing me to lose/expose credentials way too often for comfort.

anybody used HashiCorp Vault? is it everything it promises to be?

Is it ableist to suggest that a dyslexic network engineering intern should consider a different career path?

I just spent three hours diagnosing 4 servers that aren't actually down, he just flipped some numbers in the public IP list he typed up.

somebody needs to kidnap the person who picked this font and make them sit through a class on readability

Why don't companies who put you on hold at least let you pick the genre of music they're going to play for you?

Seems like an easy Asterisk upgrade this weekend.

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I mean, I could just put my mp3s on a samba share, or I could build a Cassandra database for metadata and configure a neural network that selects the next song to play. The choice seems obvious to me.

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Google Ads thinks I work for a "large employer with 10k+ employees," which means I'm probably overspecifying software for my home lab.

that's more dead computers than i like to see after a data center ingress


Tracking is not evil. Mandated tracking is evil.

Advertisers using tracking is not evil. Tracking that puts data in closed-source/proprietary locations is evil.

Using tracking to form profiles of you/your purchasing habits/your interest is not evil. Not allowing users to set tracking preferences [ "See more products like this/See less products like this/I like this brand/I don't like this brand" ] is evil.

The war has never been about cookies. It's always been about data silos.

"Oh, you want distributed redundant storage? That's awesome! Oh, you want to store mp3s on it? Sorry, no support for file-level objects without adding a folder for container images."

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proxmox dev: i have an idea, let's double-space all our help files so users have to less everything to keep it in your buffer.

after all, that's how the professors in my entry level comp sci course wanted our code, so clearly its the enterprise option.

also: "You have to manage it in the cli, but not with packages you're familiar with; with ours, which have cryptic names"

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Proxmox is built just poorly enough to make you feel like an idiot who's never used a computer before in your life. It's like "here's a gui, but we wont tell you which 50% of standard config you cant do with it."

if the government really wants to increase revenue, they should levy a tax on virtual machines.

"The format has a novel method of storing data called "5-dimensional". This is more for marketing purposes since the device has 3 physical dimensions and no exotic higher dimensional properties."

there's a guy with my name in the U.K. who doesn't have an email address, so he uses mine.

in other news, i have just been reported to the authorities for calling his headhunter a "limey cunt."

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