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I said, "I can take it from here with a fresh copy of Linux. Putting Microsoft Windows on this server is like forcing Tom Brady to play with a fully-inflated football."

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Just got a message. "Our tech guy wiped everything off it including the operating system. Are you ok with that? You'll have to reinstall Microsoft Windows again."

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score of the year: r730 with 2x E5-2697Av4, 64GB of RAM, 6TB drives...$700

found posted on ebay by a guy who sells red sox memorabilia. he was just like "it was our server, we moved to the cloud a couple years back, i don't know anything about it, its $700."

better question: if i install 6 consumer-grade NVMes attached to PCI-e slots via aftermarket adapters, am I going to start a fire?

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Can anyone point me in the direction of a server that meets these specs?

Older-model blade server that supports Xeon v3 or v4 and has at least 6 PCI-e slots.

Just found out that Twitter is legally required in France and Germany to remove Nazi content from their platform.

So I set my location to France.

has anyone gotten non-Intel NVMes to boot on Dell 720/720xd servers, or heard any reports about issues with non-Intel NVMes? apparently there was an issue with support early on, but I'm curious if that's been resolved in the last ~7 years.

blocking/non-blocking? the app's in C if that makes any difference.

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If I request a read operation from my filesystem, and that filesystem responds slow, does my system wait to process it or does it remember "I'm still waiting on this so when it gets here it gets here and I'll finish that calculation?"

I'm fairly certain it's the second. What's that functionality/operation/process called?

A friend will sell me 160 terabytes of chia plots, plus drives, for $8k. Worth it or not worth it?

i never see people typing in all caps anymore. have they all died?

I've vacillated between "why doesn't this tech work? i should just built it myself." and "why doesn't this tech work, I built it myself!" at least a half dozen times today.

Just finished migrating a company onto AWS WorkSpaces so now everybody can have a laggy desktop.

Congratulations on the upgrade, I guess.

"Your brain's getting as saggy as your boobs," -- rms, probably

3D printer is nice, but most things I see on thingiverse I'm like "I should just make that out of wood."

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