@jrballesteros05 open sourcing stuff is always a pain because i have to scrub my source for keys, so i figured i'd roll out an api hook to get creds as part of my CI pipeline

@jrballesteros05 would a good use case be:



my slapdash array of env vars/secrets files/passwords in a document called "/passwords" is causing me to lose/expose credentials way too often for comfort.

anybody used HashiCorp Vault? is it everything it promises to be?

@hackernews meanwhile last night i paid $45/year for a vanity tld for my dev server.

@abrahms career ending? He's 17. Still plenty of time to become a dev, or if he wants to make real money, an electrician.

Is it ableist to suggest that a dyslexic network engineering intern should consider a different career path?

I just spent three hours diagnosing 4 servers that aren't actually down, he just flipped some numbers in the public IP list he typed up.

@kev you can clean that up, just tell her to google "hot mail stripper"

@martijnbraam alternatively: your virtual machine's hard disk after running 'apt install libreoffice -y'

the short answer is security/regulation requirements.

somebody needs to kidnap the person who picked this font and make them sit through a class on readability

Why don't companies who put you on hold at least let you pick the genre of music they're going to play for you?

Seems like an easy Asterisk upgrade this weekend.

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I mean, I could just put my mp3s on a samba share, or I could build a Cassandra database for metadata and configure a neural network that selects the next song to play. The choice seems obvious to me.

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Google Ads thinks I work for a "large employer with 10k+ employees," which means I'm probably overspecifying software for my home lab.

that's more dead computers than i like to see after a data center ingress

@jrballesteros05 Also, I went down this path thinking "Proxmox has ZFS and Ceph! I make fun of them both on twitter, let's try it!"

Then I realized two out of three of my RAID controllers don't have HBA mode, so I can't use either one.

Bummer :(

@jrballesteros05 I considered OpenStack, but realistically, I just have the one server. OpenStack seems like it works way better with a cluster, and I heard rumors that OpenStack was sunsetting/not getting much dev effort anymore.

@jrballesteros05 wish i could help, but my experience is in cloud deployment. This is my first attempt at proper virtualization outside of k8s/docker.

Proxmox came recommended to me, but the people who recommended it are doing simple stuff like plex/bittorrent stacks. my use case is an integrated RevOps/DevOps/IAM server, and I'm finding Prox to be entirely lackluster on practically everything.

@yanasi It solves security and privacy together. I wouldn't need to authenticate myself with a password; I have the key. Every bit of tech already exists to make this a reality, the laws just don't require it yet. Change the laws and Facebook would be in the business of manufacturing open-source hardware keys [and probably distributing them for free] within a week.

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