somebody needs to kidnap the person who picked this font and make them sit through a class on readability

that's more dead computers than i like to see after a data center ingress

proxmox dev: i have an idea, let's double-space all our help files so users have to less everything to keep it in your buffer.

after all, that's how the professors in my entry level comp sci course wanted our code, so clearly its the enterprise option.

slightly humble brag: my newly-provisioned $750 server. except i swapped out the processors for cheaper ones & used that money to double the RAM.

now I just need to find a way to attach another 28TB worth of hard drives to it.

Never do lines of the internet. It's cut with all kinds of awful shit.

I'm going to buy this cool poster to show people how tech savvy I am.

Does this count as 'eye candy?' I took this a couple weeks ago, but nothing's changed.


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