the tv i bought open-box from amazon is logged into someone else's amazon video account.

what should i do?

Oh dear! 🤣

Of course, you really should do the honest thing and log out of the account.
Just take a note of the user ID first and then complain to Amazon customer services. Ask for a refund if you wish and send it back if you're not happy with it. But at least that person's account is now safe-ish again.

@pswilde Dad watches Andy Griffith, White Collar, Mr Robot, and Nature Documentaries. Mom watches Will Smith and Eddie Murphy movies. Grandpa watched Rambo.

@pswilde "Sarah" - the only other untitled person besides myself on the account - has not watched anything. But I think we should change that.

I would order 50,000 boxes of toilet paper and then immediately return the tv :)

@rudolf i considered this, but their amazon account is not linked. only prime video.

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