protip: don't start versioning your projects at

if it compiles, call it 0.9.

@trhr I would suggest that everyone use Semantic Versioning these days:

This would make it version 0.9.0 instead of 0.9

That said, due to how Semantic Versioning handles going above a minor version of 9 (0.9.0 -> 0.10.0) there's nothing particularly special about 0.9.0, so the logical starting point is 0.1.0

Of course, the spirit of your post is still correct.

@urusan no, after 0.9 you go to 1.0, write documentation, and put it out there.

@trhr If it compiles and you call it 0.9, don't call the next version 🤣

@trhr ah yes and then you simply continue adding 9's until the users accept the version as 0.999999... (repeating) which is equivalent to version 1. /s

@splatt9990 no you take a couple days off, come back, write the rest of your unit tests, and tag a 1.0 release

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