@trhr I tried, but branding the servers significantly decreased efficiency.

@trhr Treat your systems according to how they're used, what your budget is, what resources you have, your skills and experiences and then multiply all that by the same for the client.

Treat all blanket assertions with extreme prejudice.

I can just blow away and recreate the majority of mine. What you've found is someone who's professionally flexible and resistant to dogma.

@proactiveservices i'm not really familiar with british slang, but i think this explanation makes you a "wanker"

@trhr Well you've certainly provided an argument as compelling and nuanced as your original toot. I can't wait to be swayed again by your thoughtful input.

@proactiveservices @trhr

> Treat all blanket assumptions with extreme prejudice

Insert obligatory

OnLy A SiTh DeALs iN AbSoLuTEs


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