Client had the bright idea that he'd egress his archive storage servers from the datacenter and run them at his residence, so I just spent four hours trying to figure out how to connect a bunch of enterprise-grade networking infrastructure to his Google Mesh wifi, troubleshooting done via phone and his Microsoft Surface laptop.

i have a feeling this has gotta be part of an insurance scam, cause i cant imagine why someone would want to house $80k in computer gear in the same house their kids sleep in.

@trhr the only fraud that’s committed so far is the lie that such a setup is easily maintained, physically secure or even remotely as capable as hosting it at the friggin data center.


@wholesomedonut Not to worry, I am to teach his teenage son how to administer them. A teenage son that didn't know how to find his public IP.

@trhr I've only got one bottle of fancy root beer left in my fridge but I'm tempted to pour it out in sympathy after hearing this

@trhr @wholesomedonut "You can distill years of training in system administration over the phone to someone with no prior training right? I mean what could possibly go wrong?"

@splatt9990 yeah... i mean, I appreciate that everybody's gotta start somewhere... but I had already gotten a school IT director fired (and myself expelled) by the time I was his age, and that was just what I learned in AOL chat rooms, so he's definitely behind the curve.

i'm sure he'll make a fantastic real estate agent or whatever it is rich kids who never had to learn anything become when they grow up.

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