I started doing a couple of tarot spreads after @tj very kindly sent me a deck and they keep telling me to chill tf out and stop synthesizing problems and I feel very seen.

I don't really believe in "fortunes" but I do believe in the use of ritual, symbolism and randomization to catalyze the decision-making process and as a tool to manifest intent into reality.

My need to qualify this to strangers on the internet is not a particularly self-serving trait.


My conscious thought tells me that I don't care but my emotional brain is apparently worried about being misrepresented.

I ask it "who fucking cares" and the answer is always "you do apparently".

@grimmware @trhr

Music on random always freaks me out. Tarot rocks, get good enough at readings and you can make money off it.

There's some good stuff on youtube.

@SometimesCarkeys @trhr I wanna get good but only for me and my friends - part of the reason I got into occultism is because I needed a hobby that wasn't anything like my job :)

@grimmware @trhr

Quit your job!
Slack off!
Send $35 to the Church Of The Subgenius today!

@trhr I'm honestly more concerned about why I care about things that I don't want to care about and how to stop :P

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