i never see people typing in all caps anymore. have they all died?

I've vacillated between "why doesn't this tech work? i should just built it myself." and "why doesn't this tech work, I built it myself!" at least a half dozen times today.

Just finished migrating a company onto AWS WorkSpaces so now everybody can have a laggy desktop.

Congratulations on the upgrade, I guess.

"Your brain's getting as saggy as your boobs," -- rms, probably

3D printer is nice, but most things I see on thingiverse I'm like "I should just make that out of wood."

facebook disabled the account i only use to message college friends because i wouldn't give them a full 3d scan of my face.

oh well.

Never do lines of the internet. It's cut with all kinds of awful shit.

Corollary: Don't describe them as "easy" or "straightforward" either.

A lot of people don't know that "return" and "enter" are the same key.

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Pro-tip: don't describe technical processes as "confusing" or "difficult." It's relative.

Every review of Octoprint 3D software said it was going to be hard to install.

Like, my whole life is managed through a series of on-premise and cloud Linux servers. If downloading an image from a mirror and flashing it is the most complicated step, it is neither "confusing" nor "difficult," which makes the descriptors devoid of meaning.

Just bought my first 3d printer. I've used one at work (under the guidance of engineers) but never owned one.

What should I print first?


How many years do we have to wait until this story makes it into the official bible?


I'm going to buy this cool poster to show people how tech savvy I am.

Never pay an expert tomorrow to do something you could learn to do today.

for instance, my mattress has been on the floor for a year because i said "i'll just build a platform bed" after I threw out the sketchy bedframe that came with the house.

instead of then immediately building a platform bed, i built a woodshop. and now that i have a woodshop, i need trellises for my garden.

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