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#Privacy is a fundamental human right that allows us to be our true selves. It’s what allows us to be weirdos without shame. It allows us to have dissenting opinions without consequence. And, ultimately, it’s what allows us to be free.” via “#PrivacyByDesign: How To Sell Privacy And Make Change”
#UX #EthicalDesign #IxD #GDPR

Thanks for the advice everyone . I appreciate it.

For the app, I’m on iOS and currently using Amaroq which seems to be just fine. Just did not know if there was one that most people preferred or not. Thanks again !

So far, I dig mastodon. Couple questions: is there a way to follow other server feeds? or see what’s trending?

What mobile app do you recommend?

Anyone know of a good vendor for keycaps? I've had this pok3r for a while and it needs a facelift.

Yeah... pretty sure I jinxed myself cuz shit hit the fan hard this afternoon. Nothing like stuff breaking at 330 on a Friday.

Happy Friday everyone! Grab that coffee, or 5 - we've almost made it.

Unless you are working this weekend...

Has anyone been to the "All Things Open" conference? Thinking about trying to go. Opinions?

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"Germany says No to Public Cloud, Chooses Nextcloud's Open Source Solution" coverage of the move of the German Federal Government to #nextcloud by


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