Do you donate to companies or individuals that provide you a free service that you use frequently?

Which services? Why/Why not?
Just curious.

@tretch So far the only case where I do it is Fosstodon.
The why is that it offers me a great experience in a great community and they have no other way to cover their costs, so it just makes sense to me.

@tretch I currently donate to Matt Hartley and Fosstodon (of course!). I've donated to others in the past, but only for a sudden need type of situation, not on a reoccurring basis. I want to start doing more of this in the future, but my kids keep needing more and more food, so it keeps getting put off.

@tretch I currently donate to Fosstodon, Matt Hartley, Bryan Lunduke, DokuWiki, OpenShot, Travis Neilson and The Linux Gamer. I used to donate to things like Ubuntu MATE and Ubuntu Budgie, but I sometimes run through and trim some costs where needed for my budget.

I try to donate to projects/entertainment that I use/consume - they give me something of value, I give something in return for continued support/consumption

@tretch I've only donated to OpenStreetMap.
And only donated like twice or three times only, looking for doing more of this but life keeps hitting hard.

@tretch Currently I support Let's Encrypt, Gpg and Francisco Franco, I also often donate to developers that keep on improving an app that I use.

@tretch I could see myself supporting freedom focused technology kickstarters like the purism phone etc (I haven’t yet though).

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