What's your favorite way to verb DuckDuckGo :duckduckgo: ?

Options that occur to me:
- "I DuckDuckGo'ed that"
- "I DuckDuckWent that"
- "I googled that" (meaning used DuckDuckGo, which annoys Google for trademark reasons michaelbest.com/Newsroom/13791)
- Get brands out of the conversation entirely ("I searched for {X} on the Internet")


@codesections This entire thread now makes me want to confuse the shit out of people when I tell them that I:
- Duck-searched it.
- Quacked it up.
- Ducked it.
- Put some feathers on it.
- Web-foot walked that shit.
- TCPed with DDG on the 443.

Just so they ask for clarification and fall into my trap where I explain how terrible google is and suggest alternatives :)

@tretch @codesections TCPed with DDG on the 443 may be the best thing I've ever heard.

@tretch @codesections I've been using DuckDuckWent, but these are better!

@tretch @codesections If "DDG on the 443" isn't a rap lyric yet, Nerdcore rappers got some work to do.

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