Following up on the tread from a few days ago - those of you using vim for their main method of digital note-taking, how do you organize your notes? For accessing on mobile are you syncing to nextcloud or another service?

markdown (commonmark)
desktop: vim or ghostwriter
mobile: markor
sync: syncthing

@tretch it's weird for me, but I usually use Spacemacs (with evil / vim mode) and then use Emacs' org mode.

As for syncing: Keybase works pretty well, but you could substitute that with google drive or dropbox if you already have those.

@ThatGeoGuy thanks for the suggestion. Currently using Nextcloud and just started messing around with Keybase last week.

@tretch i use vimwiki's diary feature for daily work log entries and link from those diary pages to topic-based entries:

it's highly imperfect, but i landed on it as being just enough structure after a brief flirtation with emacs org-mode, and it's stuck for a couple of years.

mobile access isn't really a priority for me, but i suppose if i wanted it i'd start with carrying a reference copy of vimwiki's generated html.

@brennen I have heard good things about vimwiki and looks like it would fit the bill.

A little concerned about the reference copy and how that works, and would not have an issue with reading/editing md on my phone. It’s just due to the nature of my job, and my terrible memory, I have to reference notes and technical crap often on mobile away from my laptop. I’ll have to do some reading. Thanks!

Vimwiki, rsync over ssh and crontab.

Vimwiki isn't perfect, but I can work around all of the minor issues I've had. More importantly, I'm still using vim for writing code and sysadmin work, so keeping it all in one tool is nice.

I don't like to write on mobile devices at all. I like a real keyboard attached by a wire.

I don't look at my notes on my phone, but if I did i could run vimwiki2html and then sync those notes to my phone using rsync or sftp, and automate (apps on android).

@tretch I use Nextcloud Notes on phone and just edit those files (stored in ~/Nextcloud/Notes/) in vim when I'm on desktop

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