I'm curious as to which applications Linux users are using for your daily workflow, and particularly interested in your alternatives for Word/GDocs.

I mostly use LibreOffice when I have to, but I'm thinking about doing a bit more writing and wanted to see what's out there.

Notes: StandardNotes, CherryTree for technical stuff, documentation. Paper notes.
Email: Thunderbird, iOS email
Tasks: TickTick, paper
Document storage: Nextcloud VPS

A lot of interesting setups here. Thank you for sharing.

I have swapped back and forth over the years from purely console/cli (todotxt/vim/neomutt) to the more common (thunderbird) and web based apps for pure convenience. I find myself having to reference things on my phone more often than I would like, which nextcloud has been decent at syncing and viewing between devices.


My answers aren't very informative, but here you go:

Notes: vim
Email: mutt/vim
Tasks: vim
Document storage: plain text backed up to a raspberry pi

@tretch I'm not quite as single service as @codesections, but pretty close.

Notes: StandardNotes/vim
Email: Vivaldi
Tasks: Trello
Document Storage: Keybase
Office: LibreOffice

I don't actually use office products much at all, but on a rare occasion, LibreOffice is a default app on many distros these days, and I'm not motivated enough to find something else.

@tretch I use my text editor (elementary Code FKA "Scratch") quite heavily.

Also I have my own web browser and I use elementary Mail heavily for communication. Then I interact with Mastodon using Tootle, or on my phone the web interface.

I haven't done backups, I don't know what I'd trust.

@tretch I may not be much help because I mostly just use text editors, but have you looked into LaTeX? It's the standard in the Unix world.

I don't write many formatted documents and I haven't used it for a while, but LyX seems to be a good editor. You may have to learn some LaTeX though...

@sowth I have heard of LaTeX but haven’t played around with it. I will check it out. Thanks!


notes & tasks: vim + vimwiki, leuchtturm notebooks

writing / docs / blog: vim, markdown, occasional pandoc for pdf generation.

email: thunderbird, probable future switch to either mutt or some unknown tooling.

@tretch notes: pluma, documents: soft maker Pro, sync: Synology Drive, email: Fastmail'webui.


Notes: Orgzly (Android), physical paper
Long-form writing: vim & Markdown
Email: mutt/vim
Tasks: SimpleTask Cloudless, Manyana (both Android)
Document storage: local only. Things intended for the public go to GitLab
Comms: Riot (Matrix)

Notes: vim synced to NC

Tasks: Markor on mobile

Email: Thunderbird on desktop and K-9 on mobile for Gmail (required for school) and ProtonMail

Cloud Storage: NC on my Raspberry Pi

Office: LibreOffice

Long-form writing: vim, markdown, pandoc

Comm: Keybase Chat, Mastodon, Telegram, Matrix, Discord, Wire, and Silence (for encrypted SMS)

I do most everything else in a terminal.

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