I have to give a presentation at my school tomorrow about a technical topic that interests me. I've chosen Mastodon, and I'm planning to show this toot to everybody at the end. Share some Mastodon love below!

Thanks for all the responses and tips everybody! Seeing a lot of different instances aswell, awesome. I'm going to talk a little bit about the fediverse in general aswell, but I don't want to overwhelm at the same time. Also, I only have 5 minutes so it's going to be a quick one.

Presentation went well! People also liked your toots at the end :) I got so many responses that I ended up having to crop the image into three pieces. Hope it brings some more people over here, at least they're aware of alternatives now :)

@trawzified Salutations from the Federation! And good luck with the presentation.

@trawzified Oh that sounds like fun 😆. Be sure to tell them about the wonders of ActivityPub 😉

@trawzified Great idea! The key challenge here will be to convince a less-technical audience about its benefits over centralized closed-source silos.

@trawzified good luck on the presentation! Mastodon rules!

@trawzified Hey!!! Please don't let our eternal technical and political battles discourage you, it's all OK because it's full of amazing people AND we have emojos!!!

:blobcatreachR: :anidab_right: :blobcatrainbow: :anidab_left: :blobcatreach:

@trawzified Good luck and greetings to everyone who gets to read this. :opensource: :thinkergunsunglasses:

In a World where corporations get more and more control over private user data by offering "free" tools, decentralized systems are users' way of taking control back by creating alternatives to those tools.

Mastodon in this case is a Twitter/Facebook alternative.

Not all of us started using Mastodon for the same reason. I started looking for Twitter and Facebook alternatives after I got overwhelmed by Twitter's timeline and after learning that FB doesn't care even about users' passwords.

Tell them that we come from the federation of the universe. 😉
Salut et fraternité!

It is very nice to hear that. I hope the toot I sent while I was sleepy was any help.

People can be very prejudging when it comes to FOSS side of the world. On one hand I have classmates in Computer Science who believe they can't use Linux and on the other hand an 11 years old cousin who started using Solus 2 weeks ago and very happy with it.
He thought his laptop was so crappy that he had to purchase a new one. Boot time on Solus is ~35 seconds compared to 3mins on Win10.

@murtezayesil It was, thank you for your response. People tend to defend the choices they make, so if they used Windows all this time you're usually labeled as the hipster :) It's not always the case though.

See choice-supportive bias:

@trawzified I hope I'm not too late! Who knows, maybe I'll be on live 👋

@grahambae Starting in around 2 hours, took a screenshot and had to cut it in three pieces in order to show all the responses next to each other :)

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