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Are you a web developer? What operating system do you mainly use? Please boost this pole to get more accurate results. #Linux #Arch #Debian #Windows #MacOS #webdeveloper #webdev

Excited for tomorrow, heading to Germany for ESL One Cologne (CS:GO event). If anyone happens to be there let me know :)

Why are so many websites dependent on Cloudflare? Down again, along with all the websites that use it.

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For all those who're also currently enjoying a heatwave, please remember to drink plenty of water and try to avoid too much direct sunlight during solar noon. ☀️

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I'm purposely not making any statement in preference for either decision. I don't claim to know the best decision to make in this situation. Just think about it while you're throwing hurtful words at these devs who are working mostly for free and as their passion. I sincerely don't think any of them are purposely supporting or enabling fascists/nazis. It's a complex situation.

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One thing is clear here with the fedilab, tusky etc. gab blocking drama. The app devs are in a no win situation. Half of users were outraged that the app devs arbitrarily blocked a domain they didn't like. Now, the other half is outraged that they are enabling fascists if they change their minds.

Dunno if I tooted about it before, but two command line tools I use a lot are bat ( and lsd (

They're like ls and cat but better (although not for scripting)!

My VPN subscription (Private Internet Access) expires in a few days. I think I'll just get a new two year subscription there, but what VPN service does everyone here use?

This seems like a nice comparison and PIA still seems to hold up well:

The Zealio 67g switches feel really satisfying and the sound is pretty crisp too :D

The Planck finally came in! Just 8 months of waiting. Build pictures later, I just found out I put the plate in upside down 😖

Ooh. SteamDB has found the new Steam library files in the latest patch for the Chinese CS:GO launcher. Looks pretty slick!

Asking this mostly because they want to connect the town to glass fiber connections, which I would be all for (especially because this ISP is the only fast one here, others are 100/10 max) except they want us to pay €1600 instead of €250 because we're just outside the town >.<

Just curious; what are all of you paying for internet speeds? Currently on a very stable 250 (download) / 25 (upload) connection and quite happy with it, paying €63,50 (including TV) a month.

Thunder's going crazy here! Looks like the world is ending.

A really nice presentation framework I found recently: reveal.js ( It's a very nice alternative to LibreOffice Impress / MS PowerPoint, offers a lot of features and it's very easy to pick up.

You basically write some simple HTML, and perhaps some custom CSS, and you've got a very slick looking presentation!

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Signed the petition to enable downloading Dutch public broadcasting content without #DRM again - - #Netherlands cc @dbd

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