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Took apart my Thinkpad to try and install . Completely failed, and now I have 3 extra screws. :ac_resignation:

Okay. I'm giving up on Sway for now. Wayland is making me angry. Lol. Back to i3 for the time being. But I'm sticking with Artix and ditching Systemd. :artix:

So dropping in my i3 config didn't work as well as I wanted it to. I pull all the colors from my .Xresources and Sway obviously doesn't play nicely with that.

Thinking of switching from Arch :archlinux: to Artix :artix: and ditching i3 for sway :sway:. Thoughts?

Good news guys! Twitter could be looking to launch THE FIRST EVER decentralized social network. It's about time someone did this...

Screenshot Sunday. Got my OnePlus 8 Pro a week or so ago. I actually really like it and OxygenOS 11.

Just lubed the stabs in my Koyu. Never again will I build without lubing stabs.

Read about my less than stellar experience of me trying to use ubports on my Nexus 6P as a daily driver.

So I'm testing ubports on my Nexus 6P as a daily driver until next Thursday. Trying to help out the project while not being a dev. Let's see how this goes. :ubuntu:

I set up a new deck the other day. I absolutely love this shape, big square nose and tail. Might stick with this shape as much as I can.

I finally got my home server back up and running after a few hours of troubleshooting and frustration. The moral of the story, don't ignore .pacnew files. :archlinux:

So do I torture myself for a week and try to run a PinePhone as my daily driver? Just to see how bad it truly is?

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Dear 2020,

Just stop.
RT @CBCAlerts
Texas residents in some communities near Houston warned to stop using tap water as it may be tainted with brain-eating amoeba called Naegleria fowleri

So, i will say, Ubuntu Touch is still pretty rough. I dont think it'll be my daily driver anytime soon. I'll plau with some other mobile distros when my PinePhone arrives.

Trying out UBPorts on my Nexus 6p. I have no idea why.

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