@hund something about tables and frames. Sounds like a house to me.

I've decided that whenever my Think6.5 V2 arrives, I'm going to do a build stream on Twitch. I'll make.sure to post here when it happens.

I hope it ships soon. But I also need to decide which switches I want to put in it. I have some spare Holy Pandas and NK Blueberries. I haven't actually tried the Blueberries yet.

@hund I know, I have a few GMK sets already and they haven't started to wear out too bad yet after a year or so.

@hund These are really nice. I think I'm going to get a set of GMK-Arch myself.


Reprogrammed my XD60 with a new layout. I haven't used a 60% in a while, and I'm sure I'll stick to mostly using 65% but it's still nice to change it up every now and then. Keymap here: gitlab.com/trashcatt/qmk_firmw

I can't believe how many keyboards I built without lubing the stabs. Never again.

Are there any good rss feeds I should be subscribed to, or is that not a thing anymore?

I know it's technically Monday, but oh well. Screenshot Schmunday

@hund @kev the 2FA method is my only gripe with mailbox. Other than that I've been happy with them.

@person haha. Yeah, I looked into everything first. I didn't want to risk bricking the thing. I'll probably give it another shot in the near future but I spent so much time on it yesterday that I just want to use the damn thing. Lol.

@person I didn't even get that far. I either didn't have a good connection on the bios chip or I had wrong pinouts. Not entirely sure, but I'm too annoyed to take the thing apart again for a while.

Oh, and a thermal pad that I have no idea where it came from.

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Took apart my Thinkpad to try and install . Completely failed, and now I have 3 extra screws. :ac_resignation:

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