Anyone on here fimilar with ? I'm trying to modify a bakeneko60 case but I have no idea what I'm doing. Here's a link to the repo for the case I'm trying to edit.

I want to make the back piece slanted as opposed to how it's "stepped" now. I also have some logos I need added to the case and weight. Any help would be awesome.

Had my surgery yesterday to repair my broken ankle/foot/leg. When I woke up from surgery it was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. 0/10 would not recommend.

@joel my wife was gifted a pair of these and she likes them quite a bit.

@unicornfarts it sucks. I have multiple fractures of my fibia. 0/10 would not recommend.

Hearing your own bones break is such a weird experience.

Windows bootloader decided to nuke itself today. For some reason I can't easily fix it this time. Probably gonna just reinstall. I hate windows.

I need to record a sound test of my Ciel, but I'm lazy.

Trying out the official Mastodon app. I'll probably still prefer @Tusky but I still like trying new apps.

Chance :blobcatgooglytrash: boosted

We'll be doing a little giveaway here on Mastodon with 5 pieces of the Aves 65 Hotswap PCB (blocker edition).

Simply PM us here or send us an e-mail to with a good motivation to why you're (or perhaps someone you care about is) in a need of the Aves 65 PCB.

We'll select 5 winners next week. You have until Sunday (3/4) at midnight (UTC+02:00).

(Winners pay for shipping using PayPal. That's all)

@joel I feel like it's not going to happen. It should have been done already. :blobcatverysad:

@hund those switches don't actuate when you breathe too heavy? :ageblobcat:

@hund lol! I've tried light springs and I hated it. Lol. I need at least 60g.

@hund those are some light springs. Looks great though!

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