Hello internet friends. I have a question. Out of these two free providers, which do you believe is best and why? Or, something else? I'm trying to figure which I'm going to stay with and I want to hear what you guys think.

@trashcatt Neither of those two allow for IMAP connections on the free plan, which means they barely qualify as e-mail at all to me.

@trashcatt I don't know Tutanota, so I can't judge
That said, I use ProtonMail since two years (free plan) and I stay for their support!

@trashcatt protonmail feels a little more polished to me and I really like where they are going with the calendar and protondrive. Wish the Android app didn't rely on Google services for push notifications.

I tried it for a few months and then bought a 2 year plus plan with VPN because I've been happy with their product.

@trashcatt is great. I've had emails with them for 5 years now and they've been reliable, even over tor. I also run a mail-in-a-box instance on AWS, if you're into that kind of thing.

@trashcatt I'll throw in and They do a pretty good job and they're affordable.

@theDoctor yeah, I've been using for a few years now and I have no problems with it. I'm kind of just looking around. Maybe I have a problem. Lol.

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