Took apart my Thinkpad to try and install . Completely failed, and now I have 3 extra screws. :ac_resignation:

Oh, and a thermal pad that I have no idea where it came from.

If you ran out of parts whilst rebuilding, you didn't have enough to start with :ac_happy:

@person I didn't even get that far. I either didn't have a good connection on the bios chip or I had wrong pinouts. Not entirely sure, but I'm too annoyed to take the thing apart again for a while.

@trashcatt So the stock bios is fine. Good, otherwise a successful coreboot flash would've been your only choice.

@person haha. Yeah, I looked into everything first. I didn't want to risk bricking the thing. I'll probably give it another shot in the near future but I spent so much time on it yesterday that I just want to use the damn thing. Lol.

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