Good news guys! Twitter could be looking to launch THE FIRST EVER decentralized social network. It's about time someone did this...

@trashcatt Besides the sheer ignorance (or straight disinformation) of the whole article, I find incredible that the author equates social network and algorithm, as if chronological timelines never existed in the first place.

@ice yeah. The whole thing is a mess. I was just shocked by the headline.

@trashcatt So what do they plan to do, run a Mastodon instance?

@murks hopefully they make it ever MOAR decentralized! Maybe it's just be posts written down on sticky notes or something.

@trashcatt I often say I have no ability to tell the difference between "real" news and parody, but... This one HAS to be a joke, right? Am I supposed to believe that people who call themselves journalists these days don't even check the first page of search engine results for the topic they are researching?

@eviloatmeal I mean, people are pretty stupid. I'm honestly not surprised that they didn't do any research on this.

@trashcatt Sure, but if it were a mistake, or they just didn't bother to check, at least they would have fixed it now that people have seen the article and told them about the mistake, right? No, I don't think you're going to convince me that news is not a parody.

@trashcatt "in charge of the algorithm" - yeah, okay. Or... just, I dunno. Not recommend content, because they're not my Mom?

It's sad what journalism has devolved into these days. All clickbait, politically skewed, and about our Big Tech Overlords.

@trashcatt I am pretty sure that whatever "decentralized", solution they come up with they will surely have it such that Twitter has access to all the user data, it will be the only entity to run ads, and it will be the only entity who gets to decide who should and should not be on the platform.
Besides several years later if they do implement something it will not be comparable to Mastodon (for whatever follies it has) of today.

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