So, i will say, Ubuntu Touch is still pretty rough. I dont think it'll be my daily driver anytime soon. I'll plau with some other mobile distros when my PinePhone arrives.

Trying out UBPorts on my Nexus 6p. I have no idea why.

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Did you know that Gmail, Outlook, and many other Big email services think they can read your emails and sell them?

That's why were here to help find some safe alternatives!

1. Runbox

2. Migadu


Credits to @sir for helping me on this one!

Hoped you enjoyed and Stay Safe!


Decided to change up my phone home screen. It's been a while since I've changed it from a stock look. Also, it's really nice to be running Paranoid Android again.

I'm trying to get into Android rom development. Does anyone know of a good guide or somewhere to start?

Migrating my entire media collection to a bigger disk suuuucccckkkkssss

I guess I just had to wait a day until I could migrate my followers. Hello everyone!


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