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uspol trump nc 

Trump is actually passing by my university right now.

He is speaking in the area; because that congressional district is having a new election.

BECAUSE the republicans in that area rigged the last election for that district.


Desperate enough their sending trump in. And it might actually not be a bad idea. This is the south.

MAN that was a long upload. If it weren't for the network traffic I was starting to get nervous it had hung.

Duration: 1 days 1 hours 2 minutes 29.50 seconds

Hey folks. Are talks recorded and uploaded somewhere? Ive seen stills and titles of presentations that interest but no moving pictures.

Can't tell if Assassin's Creed just doesn't click with me; or if 3 was the wrong jumping on point.

Maybe my father dragging me to lots of civil war reenactments against my will as a child made the historical setting pre-emptively uncompelling.

Glad I grabbed it on sale.

Wanted to know what I was missing out on in this franchise; still don't know if that question is answered.

Can't say its selling me on the Switch port of IV.

Trying to decide how reasonable/unreasonable I am being; when I am annoyed at an independent starving artist I donate money to on Patreon, for donating money to highly established wealthy famous artist and pop culture icon also on Patreon.

Kinda wish Patreon just hadn't told me. Need to check my notification settings.

Neighborhood was setting out humane traps for stray "cats" this past week.

I am suspicious of this. Ive never seen a single stray cat around; and we have lots of stray bunnies. In my experience bunnies don't hang around stray cats long.

The neighborhood is mutherfucking coming for the bunnies.

Wish the LineageOS wiki device pages tracked the presence of an honest to god headphone jack or noted the lack thereof.

Im surprised how easy my place has had it so far durring this hurricane, but im trying to remember this shit is peaking for us sometime around midnight ~ 1 am.

Final stages...

Charging all backup power sources.

Setting up the weather radio.

Double checking that ive got all my numbers for the utilities in my phone.

Following utilities and my cities official twitters.

Spinning down home server so that modem and router can have maximum usage of the UPS.

A little sad it's over. A little pleased the whole thing came together at the end.

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Honestly didn't quite have the energy for it this weekend; but pushed through because it was has been a damn fun campaign and rescheduling it would have felt worse.

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Human eldritch knight, tiefling cleric, elvish sorcerer and a half elven ranger took out a big bad who had haunted their and another campaign previously

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Two and a half year 5E D&D Campaign just wound down.

Players didn't always meet consistently, so that is not quite as many sessions as it sounds; but it was a great arc all the same.


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