Hey if you like following me, then you should follow me here: tech.lgbt/@trashheap

I'm not using this account anymore.

Hey if you like following me, then you should follow me here: tech.lgbt/@trashheap

I'm not using this account anymore.

Hey friends. Im moving over to the lgbt.tech instance. tech.lgbt/@trashheap

Nothing against fosstodon.org. Ive enjoyed my stay here.

I struggled a bit when I settled on fosstodon.org initially.

I was trying to find an instance whose themes were a better balance for me; with good moderation.

I settled on fosstodon.org , but then tripped over lgbt.tech immediately afterwards.

So ive been plotting the move for a while. But didn't want to move after having just moved in.

On the docket for today:

Two vegetarian pizzas (crust from scratch, oven pre-heating for the first pie), some vegetarian spicey sausage balls, spinach dip and low carb tortillas chips to tide friends over between pizzas.

@emacsomancer @xmanmonk Took the time to disable the copy in my firmware.

Still wish someone released an exploit to let us boot into the copy of Minix in our intel firmware and do something less creepy with it.

I really hate that there is a hardware company called Minix. The OS is higher on my mental rolodex and the headlines confuse the hell out of me.

Mainly because it would be way cooler from the Minix software project.

"Minix unveils a fanless mini PC with Intel Gemini Lake"


@m455b@tiny.tilde.website @pho4cexa Im doing the exact same move honestly. I just gotta untangle the FSF from my email first.

That email alias they give associate members as a perk? Ive been using it as my primary email for a decade.

So its going to take a bit. Before I can discontinue my donations. But it will be within weeks, not months.

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sexual assault, MIT, everywhere else 

“Move fast and break things” is an abomination if your goal is to create a healthy society.

This is the least of what is written here that should be heard, from yet another voice telling us things that we all know but do too little about.

h/t @ceejbot for bringing it over from twitter for me to see.


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RMS Disgustingness 

Some of you idolize this guy and yeah, he's done some pretty fucking remarkable work. But some of the work is thanks to the attention he's garnered and some of that attention has been garnered thanks to comments and opinions like this.

I'm not okay with that and I think that we should not be hoisting this guy to the top as a "symbol" for Free Software. The idea is bigger than him.

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@cidney But like, he wrote a giant serious screed on how he wont ever used 'they' as a singular pronoun even if asked to.

It might be BECAUSE he is pedantic on grammar. But why keep doubting he will be rude to trans people, when he has said just that.

Asking for more proof, is just not trusting him at his own word; or just ignoring it when he has gone out of the way to remove all doubt.


@cidney I mean he slipped it in as a foot note on the actual GNU policy on community communications.


SO you know. I don't think this is hypothetical.

But im not privy to his inbox and he doesn't post to social media. So asking for first hand proof is a bar that wont ever exist.

@hypolite @wizzwizz4 I don't get frankly whats so freaking hard, at just letting non binary and trans people be the experts on what they are to be called.

I don't see further conversation along the lines language reform, personally useful or in scope of this conversation.

It honestly reads as a tedious distraction. I hope im wrong, but either way please don't enlighten me anymore on the subject.


@cidney Stallman goes on AT LENGTH on how he will never use they to refer to someone, even if asked to. In his essay on the subject. stallman.org/articles/genderle


@cidney @craigmaloney

So if someone asks to be called "they" and you dont. Your being rude.

You might not be missgendering them. But it's still denying them what they asked for.

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♲ @Jayronim0@twitter.com: "We choose to do these things not because they are easy but because we thought they would be easy" - game developers

@wizzwizz4 It also wouldn't do much good to loop Stallman in on this. Others have tried.

That page on his personal site is the result of months of inter GNU mailing list debate.

He is aware of the other opinions.

@wizzwizz4 I don't disagree. But its functionally identical to being a dick; and comes from a rather priveleged position in all honesty.

Stallman has no AP account. He famously doesn't post to any social media account. Libre or otherwise. He has a static html page where he microblogs about news and politics. Several volunteers and bots syndicate to various places, including the fediverse; but it's all broadcast/write only.

@signaleleven @Greg Like had I placed that behind a CW, I may have talked to a few less transphobes today.

@signaleleven @Greg A CW while not intended to muffle a toot and prevent it from getting a lot of unneeded attention; often can be somewhat pragmatically abused to get that benefit as a bonus.


@jackiemoon@mastodon.xyz @craigmaloney

Humor asside. Stallman requires that linux be called gnu/linux by the participants before he actually appears for a speaking engagement or interview.

A widespread enough campaign of that. Would actually impact him.

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