1. Order KDE Konqi Sticker with transparent background from KDE's official cafepress.
2. Receive it. Note the illustration is over 50% transparent. Only looks correct on white or bright laptops. Note your thinkpad-black laptop.
3. Source the same image from wikimedia & make an order for a new set of stickers from zazzle.
4. Get grilled a day later on if you have association with the KDE project and if you have a license.
5. Point out that the Konqi image is under the creative commons.
6. Wait

@trashHeap I mean, checking for license to cover their ass is one thing, but wrongly checking for license to cover their ass is an entirely different one.

@hypolite Yeah it's wierd to me, that they got far enough along that they sourced it TO the KDE project. But not to check that the KDE project distributes its logo under the creative commons.

@hypolite I concede to Zazzle support though I may have had it coming.

... Ive tried printing some questionable things in the past. I doubt they internally flag their customers as IP trouble makers. But if they DID I might have earned such a flag.

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