@trashHeap The sharing of open source code is an academic pursuit, not trade. Also, let's talk about Microsoft being in charge here, not GitHub which is now merely a brand that they bought.

@mplammers I think Microsoft in general is confirming a lot of fears some people had than they bought out github.

Though that being said hard to say Github wouldn't of made the same move.

Id be hardpressed to say that either thought of it as anything more of FLOSS than a business strategy.

@trashHeap Could be true. If mandated by the government, which is no unlikely here, GitHub would have been forced to block them regardless of its owner.

We just don't know, because Patriot Act orders come with gag orders. It could be a symbolical knee-jerk reaction in the hope of preventing technology to "leak" to Iran and Russia.

If so, it is disconnected symbology that emerges from ignorance of FLOSS technology. As such, it has the signature of the current administration.

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