Hey Is still a hot mess? (pre-paid non reoccurring donations masquerading as reocurring micro donations?)

What patreon / tipjar / flattr alternatives are people endorsing these days outside of Liberapay?

@trashHeap Liberapay uses Stripe and Paypal now. Donations and active accounts are already over the peak with Mangopay, so you can say Liberapay is fine.


@Jelv Post mangopay it is confusing to use, over half the people I donated too fled the platform haven't returned; and bugs like his confirmed my intuition that their non micro-donation solution is confusing and sub optimal.


I realize they dont have many other options right now. But its no use ignoring the fact that their not nearly as intuitive or easy to use right now as they were under mangopay.

@trashHeap it was a big change from prepaid wallets to the recurrent payments but i think they did a good job considering the resources they have. Mangopay virtual wallets was a unique solution. There are no good other crowdfunding accepting payment providers that offer this. That's why they moved away to a more generic recurrent payments (like Patreon but without the Patreon-fee), to have more payment providers options when they want to move.

@trashHeap it's now one year ago and the active users is now at the same level and donations are also slowly catching up to last year level. Source liberapay.com/about/stats

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