Hey guys, im seeing a lot of dissatisfaction with Purism and the Librem phone in my timeline.

Don't let that turn you off the whole concept of a GNU/Linux phone. The community still has projects like the Pinephone in the pipeline.

@bigl0af Which one? Ive got a Neo Freerunner GTA02 in a drawer.

@bigl0af GTA01 and GTA02 totally shipped!

Their not great phones honestly especially by modern standards.

Community even put together a GTA04 model a few years back. Being made in small batches out of germany.

@trashHeap fuck man i'd written it off as vaporware! any open platforms you'd recommend today?
@trashHeap i really want a project like this to take off...i'm tired of the establishment choices.

@bigl0af Id really recommend following @PINE64 then. Their basically the next likely candidate for an Openmoko successor platform; and their launching in months not years.

@trashHeap i'm all in! thx for the info...i'm following @PINE64 & waiting for an announcement with bated breath!

@trashHeap @bigl0af Hardware is likely to be in production by end of year, and the Linux distros are not far behind, if at all. A bit more detail at:

@astheroth nothing that i can tell...i haven't seen this dissatisfaction. I have seem lots of thought police raging in the tl today tho. I just signed up for a monthly plan abt an hour ago as a show of support :D

@bigl0af @astheroth People aren't raging about their phone so much as the cloud platform they're pushing. The apps used for it are rebranded forms of open source software that aren't good as attributing their origins. The "thought police" bit comes from the fact that they forked Mastodon for their own instance and aren't going to be as strict with their rules as others would like.

Some people are not happy that they launched the Librem One service using free software, but without sufficiently obvious credit to the original projects and/or authors.

Not difficult, and not required either. How many Drupal or WordPress websites without attribution? Mail servers ? Do mastodon, fedilab, pixelfed, nextcloud, pleroma,... advertise prominently "made thanks to Python/Php/Rust/Go/whatever"? Or "powered by GNU/Linux, Docker, Lxc,..." ? No, they don't. Because it's not required, and it would be completely impractical.

@RLetot @bigl0af it's not required, isn't mean it's fair. Why do you think there is the Gnu/Linux v/s Linux dilemma? It's the same thing.

Android is Linux, I haven't confirmed the GNU side of that. And even if I did I wouldn't give RMS the satisfaction of saying so.
@jeremiah @trashHeap Android does not use the GNU C libraries or a full set of GNU tools, but rather uses Toybox. Providing a compiler doesn't make it GNU/ any more than commercial software in decades gone by became Borland/productname.
@jeremiah @trashHeap I didn't figure you did, but RMS is a self-aggrandizing ass.
@jeremiah @trashHeap
I don't disagree with the idea that he's done good things. I just have a problem with the hypocrisy of licensing GNU code and programs the way he did and then trying to claim the right to name someone else's usage. I use RMSisacunt/Linux because that's how the license works.

And maybe also take some time to breathe a bit and give #Purism a break?

@trashHeap also, @Ubports continues to do great work on the former Ubuntu Touch!

@ethan @Ubports Deffinitely planning on trying them out... on my PinePhone. 😎

@trashHeap I didn’t know about this one. Will see how it progresses

@trashHeap Linux device makers/pipedreamers seem to forget an important point why Linux worked in the first place: it was inexpensive (or even free), packed more punch than the competition and it was ready & usable. Pine64 seems to get it.

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