Apparently Pepsi is planning to partner with a Russian startup to launch micro-satelites to put a human viewable ad in the night sky.

@trashHeap It'd be really awesome if they just didn't do this

@Ocean22 @trashHeap
:pooh: boycott pepsi products because they're bad for your health
:poohington: boycott pepsi products because they're gonna ruin the earth's night sky

@trashHeap First, I hope this never happens. Second, if it does happen, I hope it backfires spectacularly for the brands (and "the deciders") in question.

@trashHeap "The sky was the color of a television tuned to a Pepsi commercial"

@trashHeap @LilFluff love how it’s also to combat anti-gamer stereotypes, great to see all that money going to a good cause

@trashHeap why bother? They'll always lose to Coca Cola lol

@trashHeap time to start putting in the footwork on how to hack this system and think about the most universally offensive thing that could be displayed.... so far the best I got is space goatse...

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