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Is anyone interested in any of these? They're all 1U R4, except for the Arch Linux keycap which is 1.25U R1.

@kettlevoid Thanks! :) It's a Plain60-B on this one, so Mini USB it is!

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Just kidding. I had a PCB with a lifted pad deep down in a cabinet. Then I was thinking, why not solder some nice switches and make a bridge to fix the broken switch position? I had everything at home accept a case so I got a Tofu. I use the keyboard at work. Lubed Tacit. and acrylic tofu with some foam sounds really good even though it's tray mount.

Another keyboard... Actually my first project. DC60, lubed Zilents and Enjoypbt black on white keycaps. Sold the case recently, mixed feelings about that as it was my first beloved one.

@kettlevoid I agree, sounds like a interesting idea! Not sure if it exist (yet?) This one is called SPIN Macropad and you can find all the files on GitHub:

@kettlevoid It can be anything really. I use two of them to control volume and music, but I mostly use the keyboard for that anyway. In one layer they control everything related to the RGB underglow. The dials acts as buttons as well so when you press one down you change the layer. I mostly built this one for fun (first time I use dials). :)

@kettlevoid They are step type! It would be cool if one of them was free spin though.

@uoou Yes! The Macropad has three layers. If you press a dial down you change layer (and the dials get different functions, customized by the user of course). For the numpad and Macro layer the top dial change volume, the middle dial change songs and the last scrolls up and down. The third layer controls the RGB and the dials change the saturation, HUE and brightness in that mode.


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