@towhatend are those dials like, the free-spin type or the step type?

@kettlevoid They are step type! It would be cool if one of them was free spin though.

@kettlevoid It can be anything really. I use two of them to control volume and music, but I mostly use the keyboard for that anyway. In one layer they control everything related to the RGB underglow. The dials acts as buttons as well so when you press one down you change the layer. I mostly built this one for fun (first time I use dials). :)

@towhatend i wonder if there are dials that like, pressing them makes them change from free-spinning to step, that would be interesting!
Is it like, opensource? I've always been interested in starting this type of thing and i am really interested in see how it works


@kettlevoid I agree, sounds like a interesting idea! Not sure if it exist (yet?) This one is called SPIN Macropad and you can find all the files on GitHub: github.com/Quarren42/SPIN

@towhatend Yeah, the only one i ever seen is on logitech's mx mouses (like my mx anywhere 2) which is.. actually not that good for a mous, because they had to put a button, just under the scroll wheel, otherwise you couldn't have the scroll click.
Great! Thanks for the link!

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