To everyone who still uses or even worse on their device I recommend
It's currently still in Alpha but development is rolling, customization easy and it's latest release turned out to be perfectly usable, at least for me ⌨️
It's FLOSS and the developers seem to respond to issue reports and feature requests in a timely manner

You can get it on and usually the latest version from @IzzyOnDroid 👏

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My favourite feature so far is that Emojis are easily accessible and that the second column features the collection of hands which I use quite often 🙌

@totoroot @IzzyOnDroid Does it now support mulitilingual input and completion? That's something that I really need, and there aren't really that many good alternatives for it out there sadly.

@sotolf There is prediction but they mentions that it is very much still in the works. IMO it has improved a lot since I've last tested it about two months ago.
I'm pretty happy with the multilingual support 🇦🇹🇪🇸🇲🇫🇷🇺
I can easily access all the accents and special characters I need on a daily basis and even the Russian keymap seems to work without any issues now 👌

@totoroot Maybe I should try it again, if they are making rapid progress that sounds good, I have been using multiling'o and message ease in addition, they are good, but writing on a phone in general is not fun.

@totoroot I am going to give it another go, at the moment I am with AnySoftKeyboard (ASK), something that I did not like in Florisboard is that the settings seemed to be a fork from ASK (it super silly I know... but I do not like at all, they are confusing), and aside from the nicer theme, did not see any reason to really switch...

@totoroot It's awesome we have great free and open source keyboard in active development. This appears to be a new implementation not an aosp keyboard fork. Currently it does not have accessibility features implemented. I mean It's not useable with screen reading apps such as google talkback.

@totoroot @IzzyOnDroid I do use Gboard but I'll 100% switch to this when the devs feel it is production-ready. The screenshots already look so impressive! :D

@arran Let us know your experience a few days into it, if you can?

@totoroot @IzzyOnDroid

@celia @totoroot @IzzyOnDroid Will do!

Initial impressions are good - Its simple, has sane config options and looks pretty sleek.

All the special characters are just where I like too.

So far I notice suggestions are not implemented yet.. so this will put my spelling to the test 😅

@totoroot @IzzyOnDroid Just downloaded and I would say I love the UI more than OpenBoard. Suggestions not yet implemented tho. Also like other libre keyboards it does not support Vietnamese and non-Latin IME yet.

@huy_ngo Since it's still in Alpha I was honestly pleasantly surprised that there even were Non-Latin layouts like Russian and Arabic.
There is a pretty detailed open issue for Vietnamese that you could subscribe to:
I suppose that the main developer could need help on issues like this, as they probably are not very familiar with Vietnamese :)
You might also be able to contribute by translating:

@totoroot @IzzyOnDroid
Unfortunately it's missing function keys and other useful Keys (e.g. TAB). Maybe I'm just missing them or there is an easy way to add them

@comcloudway I for one do not miss a tab key or function keys on mobile, but I suppose you could open up a feature request on their GitHub page. The only time I need a tab on my Android device is in Termux and there is a dedicated key for that 🤷‍♂️

@olivia @totoroot Try it out, then toot the answer :awesome:

I'm neither the developer nor do I (currently) use it myself – so I'm not up-to-date about features completed. I plan to use it, though. As of now: I helped bring it to F-Droid, and I offer the beta versions for "early birds" and testers via my repo.

@IzzyOnDroid @totoroot just wondering if anyone knew :) i tested it a while ago and was very early beta, but seems promising.

@olivia @totoroot Yes, that's when I last tested it (actually, did a review for F-Droid inclusion), too.

Two good ways:

* install & use so you can see for yourself
* take a look at the app's repo from time to time and see how it makes progress. IIRC the core additions (aka "Changelog") are always listed on the releases page: (no idea if "milestones" are maintained somewhere)

@olivia @totoroot @IzzyOnDroid it does have word suggestions as you type now but next word predictions are missing. I've been using it for a while now and they are a good addition. The next word prediction doesn't bother me tbh.

@jawsh @IzzyOnDroid @totoroot oooh, that's cool. haven't had the time to check yet today, but that's good to know, thanks.

Thanks! Was looking for a new keyboard app just right now.

@drazraeltod @totoroot Good choice! Stable releases at #fdroid – dev versions (betas) at mine. Different package names, so you can install both in parallel.

looks like it does most of the things i need - so… nice!

no tab
cursor keys deeply hidden - guestures kinda mostly work for that, so that's not horrible
ellipsis hidden in numeric pad… meh
the same ridiculous problem as gboard with 7 and 9 not secondary on u/o in german layout (umlaut instead)
no german dictionary yet - not a big problem
not saving current word into dict? worse!

fdroid is a must, so thats great

far better than most


I'm just trying it (and writing this toot).
Unfortunaly "glide typing" is not implented nor is word suggestion.
I think I'll stay with anySoft for the moment.

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