Today I had the first setup session with a friend of mine regarding the website for an NGO he has founded recently. I set up a static website with , which is what I use for my personal websites and adapted the theme's CSS slightly to better suit some of his needs.
I knew he wasn't particularly technically versed but turns out he was overwhelmed with managing files for the blog posts 👀

Two hours later and I set up a instance on my hosting and moved most of the content over.
I had to deal with WP the last time about three years ago and had forgotten how much it resembles a point and click adventure 😄

@totoroot Oh noes! If you could share any details on what particular aspects proved overwhelming about it, I'd be really curious to hear! (Reason being I've followed a similar strategy as you with a large client project in 2018 - which, even though I had my worries up front, fortunately found acceptance - but I'm continually intrigued by the question what kind of technical understanding can be considered as a baseline for certain audiences and hence how alternatives to big tech have to be designed to find acceptance in the real world)

@freebliss He said that he would have wanted to see the blog posts before they went live and that he wanted to put images between paragraphs just like he is used to from Apple Software like pages.
He also said that he didn't know if the tool was flexible enough to deal with needs, he might have in the future and that he wouldn't want to bother me every time some issue came up.

@freebliss And as many more (also less technically versed) people are using WP for their websites, he said that he might be able to find support on some forum just by searching for it on the interwebs.
Since he did not want to deal with the command line himself, setting the static site generator up on his machine was out of question and even then, he might have been overwhelmed with having to troubleshoot issues with the help of Stackoverflow and such.

@totoroot Thanks a lot for that very detailed insight! Although of course a pity that he abandoned your SSG offer, reading through the points also feels somewhat relieving - as apparently it's not really the actual process of working with markdown etc. that was a blocker to him, but rather a mix of anxieties and worries about SSGs (or maybe more general, everything that is not WP :)). By the way (maybe you've seen it already), is an example for a quite sophisticated & layperson-friendly SSG approach that solves a lot of the concerns/neeeds he has - although of course it's still not WP, so I'm just mentioning this as possible inspiration for you. :)

@freebliss I didn't know , so thanks for the pointer. I'm pretty sure it will not be relevant anymore in this case, but I'll definitely take a look :)

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