I please need recommendations for PDF viewers or editors on :nixos:
I recently switched to and I had been using Kubuntu for quite some time, so I'm used to okular but as my new setup is a bit more minimalistic I want to avoid installing all its KDE dependencies.
I found zathura to be quite nice as a quick viewer and I use command line tools to manipulate PDFs from the terminal but sometimes I need a more feature rich GUI viewer to fill out forms or make annotations. Evince maybe?

@totoroot Evince is cool and minimal. It also supports text highlight and annotation by the press of a button integrated on the gui. Simple stuff.


@LinuxNomad Yeah right, I've used it some time in the past, but evince too has just a bit too many dependencies which disqualifies it in this case. But good that you're happy with it ✌️

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@totoroot Yeap, I proposed/confirmed it though as a selection cause on your original post you ended with "Evince maybe?", so I assumed it was an option..

@LinuxNomad Sure, I did not check at first and thought that maybe since I've already got some software from the GNOME environment installed, some of its dependencies would already be present on my system. But I'm happy with my choice know so it's all good. Thanks for your help!

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