wow austria's olympic gold medal winner in cycling is pretty impressive 😲 πŸ…

she's a full time mathematician holding a ph.d. and trained for the race without coach nor a professional team.

2496. Mine Captcha 

title text: This data is actually going into improving our self-driving car project, so hurry up--it's almost at the minefield.


Does anyone have any recommendations for streaming old movies like this?

I think last time I watched it was on arte's TVthek, where it currently isn't available...

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I'm thinking about watching "The Graduate" tonight, because I recently told my best friend about it when a song Simon and Garfunkel composed for the movie played at a bar we were at together...

β™« β™ͺ β™« 𝘈𝘯π˜₯ 𝘩𝘦𝘳𝘦'𝘴 𝘡𝘰 𝘺𝘰𝘢 π˜”π˜³π˜΄. π˜™π˜°π˜£π˜ͺ𝘯𝘴𝘰𝘯... β™« β™ͺ β™«

Die GrΓΌner-Pass-App [1], die von der ΓΆsterreichischen Regierung in Auftrag gegeben wurde, hat 180.000€ (!) gekostet [2]. Sie kann eine Grafik anzeigen lassen, oder einen QR-Code scannen und ΓΌberprΓΌfen, ob die darin enthaltene Signatur valide ist. Mit Letzteren hat sie allerdings noch Probleme, wie es scheint.

Als BΓΌrger mit Android Handy ohne Google-Account kann ich die App immer noch nicht legal herunterladen.


#Google #Android

How to emphasize text?

Also if you too believe that and want support women who cannot afford to terminate an unwanted pregnancy or live in a place where patriarchs put laws into place that bar women from getting the health care they need, please consider donating to Changes for Women too.

A friend of mine works for them on a voluntary basis and they are doing amazing work! :blobfoxheart:

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Since I've just noticed that someone following me had "pro-life" in their description, I feel like stating the following:

I consider abortion to be a human right and have been donating to to help women in need, deal with unwanted pregnancies.

I'm fine with people with contrary opinions following me, but I just want to make my position clear, that I consider coercing women into birthing a child due to religious beliefs utterly stupid and in many circumstances criminal

I'm not so keen on the new UI of @k9mail it looks nice enough aesthetically but now feels clunkier in use.

The removal of the action bar at the bottom of a mesage and hiding it within a menu of the top is I feel a mistake. Quick moving of mesages to folders, especially now that mobile phone screens are bigger now requires 2 hands and multiple taps instead of a couple of thumb swipes

It almost feels like a GNOME app, and I really don't like GNOME.

The way the interface handles multiple accounts has changed too, its 'prettier' but not so useful/usable, which is a shame.

I read you can swipe the left hand side of the app's UI to access the multiple accounts 'overview' but my phone navigates using gestures, and I am unable to do this as it just 'closes' the app, leading to more taps

I am fighting the urge to find and migrate to another android email app, as k9 still has a unified inbox and there's not a lot of email client choice on fdroid

I did take a look at fairemail but...

I am hoping to get used to the new UI, but I have my doubts that I can.

If anyone has a suggestion, other than rolling back to a unsupported previous version (thats never a good idea) toot back.

It'd be nice if there was an option to move the menu's to their old positions but im not seeing one.

It has been almost a year (old + new account) since I joined the . I've met many great people and found amazing projects. Fosstodon in particular has been a pleasure to use, because it has one of the best communities in the entire fediverse. ❀️

Amnesty International: "In spite of Hungary’s new anti-LGBTI law, #Pride🌈 celebrations took place over the weekend in Hungary.

This was the biggest Budapest Pride in history πŸŽ‰

[:tw: β€” #humanrights #news #bot]

#Audacity is dead - may I suggest #SoX as an alternative ? It's a command line tool and has all the power that comes with that. I wrote a tutorial series on how to use it a while ago.

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