How its know in english the people how help teachers in collegues ?

414,321 accounts
+8 in the last hour
+480 in the last day
+4,346 in the last week

Boeing 737 scrapes runway in a sea of sparks after landing gear COLLAPSES during Colombia touch-down (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

A Boeing 737 with 88 people on board suffered a serious landing gear malfunction when touching down in Bogota, Colombia, on Saturday, causing it to list to one side, with one engine scraping the ground. Read Full Article at

@toshioxgnu Another (probably better) source could be the creative commons section of Soundcloud: Search for hiphop creative commons. To download I use youtube-dl.

For example paste in your Terminal: youtube-dl -f mp3 <url>

For example:

@toshioxgnu has some good music. Search for hiphop (or jazz). All music is creative commons license which in most cases means that you can use it under the condition that you give credit to the creator.

Hello beautiful community, do you have any source of non copyright lofi for my streams ???

Every SQL statement that Chuck Norris codes has an implicit "COMMIT" in its end.

Se viene entrevista al gran Jorge Gonzalez en CNN Chile mas ratito, atenti!

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