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@gaurdianaq Did you try to see if it gave any warnings or any output in the terminal when running? :fedora: :silverblue: boosted

Chatty 6.0~beta just came out! There have been a lot of improvements to MMS support in it, and hopefully 6.0 release will be out shortly.

I have been daily driving 5.0~beta3 for the past three weeks with very little problems in MMS, and i just installed 6.0~beta

@aito probably stick with what I use now on everything. (Silverblue)

@gaurdianaq 🤔 not that I know of? Everything has been about the same as I'd expect elsewhere. Have you tried running the program from toolbox and seeing if any output mentions something like missing libs or something? Not sure about the kde related stuff as I haven't used it in quite some time 😬

@trekkie1701c yup. Even removed and tried again. Turns out I'm missing some firmware/driver something to set it up heh.

I really like the feel of the pine64 pinephone keyboard case. Like a super charged 3DS XL sort of feel. Wish I could actually get the keys to work. Not sure what's happening there.

@roscisco I'm not experienced in arch so I just wouldn't recommend it based on that. I also don't think it matters which distro you choose as a first distro. If you're willing to take the plunge then it literally does not matter.

@gaurdianaq I have a few different boxes. 1 for Fedora packaging (mostly use similar dependencies), 1 for FemtoIDE (for making Pokitto games), 1 "Default" toolbox which I don't really use often. A lot of times I will spin up a toolbox for specific purpose, then blow it away. (Like when I was playing with D or Vala). I did have in a box for wine, but stopped doing that. :fedora: :silverblue: boosted


I'm doing quite well, thanks for asking. I encouraged the team to take a break for the month of December to unwind and the team seemed to follow my suggestion. We're slowly ramping development back up and should have some updates out soon. There's some exciting stuff coming out soon so hopefully I'll be able to share more about that later this month. :)

@theDoctor I've got FemtoIDE (an IDE for making Pokitto games) in a container, I also throw up a container for packaging fedora packages so I'll have those packages in a container to keep dev packages off my main system.

@theDoctor It is pretty slick I thought. The directions here are easy enough for a guy like me to follow

@theDoctor I like to keep things separate and isolated where possible. But also, I like to have my main system clean and trim. This also helps to run multiple services in the case where they may require a certain version of a library that conflicts with another service. When in a container, it doesn't matter :) They get their own requirements and my base system is safe to chug on. :fedora: :silverblue: boosted

The Klingons are here! Well, kind of. Initial support for Klingon and Interslavic is coming to LibreOffice 7.3 – but we'd like to expand beyond the other 100 languages that LibreOffice supports. Whatever you speak, give us a hand!

@theDoctor @xpil Applications and development environments. On my main computers I'll use them for various programs that aren't in a flatpak. On my home server I use them for things like jellyfin, nextcloud and adguard.

@xpil if pet containers were real animals my computers would be the envy of any zoo.

@redeagle I'm used to 64big ARM from Fedora, so that's not a problem for my use case :D My use case I was thinking of was to use it as a small WIFI based communicator (using xmpp and matrix)

@redeagle I'm still not sure if I'll grab one. Got any first hand details to push me into ordering? I do like my gameshell but the lack of mainline support for pieces makes it really a tinker device and not something I use as much as I'd like.

@aaravchen @papiris I wondered a bit about that. Well when toolbox supports it I'll gladly use toolbox :D

@tek_dmn @tobtobxx well there are also the gnome nightly repo, and fedora and elementary both have their own as well. So it isn't entirely centralized to flathub.

@tobtobxx Flatpak is really awesome and makes my usage of computer systems much easier. From my laptop to my tv and phone.

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